Διαβάστε για την αποστολή στην Κρήτη και δείτε βίντεο με τις πρώτες μακρινές επαφές στους 10GHz.
Όλα με φωτογραφίες και περιγραφή ΕΔΩ

I am pleased to announce a new VHF-EXPEDITION, which will take place this summer on the island of Crete (SV9). Our goal is to work on all bands from 50MHz to 1296MHz and also on 10.368GHz.

For the last few months, our team is working vigorously in order to prepare the required radio equipment for the expedition, in the best possible way.

Our main goals are:
-         DXing during the IARU’s 2011 VHF Contest and
-         Extensive trials on the 10GHz band (either scheduled or not).

The main team consists of the following operators:
-         SV1BJY Yannis
-         SV8GKE Michalis
-         SV2HWR Pantelis

Beside the above operators, there are many more people involved in the expedition’s logistics, depending on their area of expertise. It is highly possible that both the number of the operators and the logistics crew will increase, as more volunteers are needed.

Currently we can only inform you that the station will operate from a vantage point somewhere on the mountains of the Island of Crete (more info will follow after receiving the final official licence for the expedition)

We will be active from the above area from 29 June 2011  until 05 July 2011.
Modes: SSB/CW exclusively on 50 MHz, 70 MHz, 144 MHz, 432 MHz, 1296 MHz and 10,368GHz

We are looking forward into filling the SV9VHF logbook with your QSOs this summer

CU on the air!!!
 On behalf of the SY9VHF team
 SV1BJY Yannis

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Ανώνυμος είπε...

I worked this fantastic DX pedition on 2m SSB from KM18UA with 5W on a vertical antenna. I also glad to receive a QSL via LoTW as well as a traditional paper QSL card. Thank you!